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In this extraordinary teaching-book with sheet-notes and an attached CD RAUSHAN ORAZBAEVA writes down and plays 26 KUYs, all devoted to AKKU, the great swan. Among Kazakh people he is considered an ancient totemic God and a symbol of grandiosity and pureness. Tengrians think of him as flying high in the skies and helping the souls to reach the Highest Worlds, where the bright souls of Aruhas and the Great Tengri live, who’s laws should be followed by the people of this world.

Since at the beginning of 20th century many shamans have been killed and playing the KYL KOBYZ was considered a religious relic and therefore prohibited, very few KOBYZ KUYs (compositions) survived. RAUSHAN ORAZBAEVA put much work in searching for old lost Akku-KUIs as well as new ones, and she also rewrote AKKU-KUIs for KYL KOBYZ, originally written for Dombra.

In this book with CD called AKKULAR SAZI, which means melodies of the Swan, she presents the results of her research, helping to pass on old wisdom to new students and to an interested audience. She gives a wonderful introduction in how to play AKKU KUIs on the KYL KOBYZ, and there are many pictures included, showing the finger-positions. So it as a valuable tool as well for beginners on the instrument as for advanced students. There is a link attached for a video, showing how to play Akku from the composer Ikhlas.




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